Thursday, June 27, 2013

Windflowers seeding

These are from my mums garden, she calls them Japanese windflowers, or they were flowers in spring! Often called Chinese or Japanese anemone, thimble weed or windflower, Anemone hupehensis are flowering herbaceous perennials (Ranunculaceae family) native to China.

I vaguely remember them looking something like this 
Anemone x hybrid ‘Konigin Charlotte’ available at The Pavilion Garden Centre Cork
but I never really noticed them
I love what they are now as they are transforming and self seeding. I love the whole process and transformation, it makes me think about our lifecycle, what happens to us as we go through the seasons and years, the struggles to keep pushing through things, growing in our personal and spiritual self, I could go on but it might be getting a bit deep....

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